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The After School Tutorial and Enrichment Program (A-STEP) has operated on an annual basis since 1995 and serves children in pre-kindergarten – 5th grade during after school hours. Our goal is to strengthen the educational foundation of our participants in all areas; particularly literacy, mathematics, health and wellness and behavior management. Additionally, we help students develop computer literacy skills, self-esteem and interest in culture, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math)


The Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) involves 130 - 140 participants’ ages 5-14 in academic enrichment, exposure to the arts, dance and music, participation in sports and recreational activities; experience in business development, involvement in community service projects and numerous other experiences that encourage them to explore their talents.


Tech Time (T2) is the early education of the future. We prepare our children to be leaders in today’s increasingly technological society while doing away with the slow- paced, didactic educational styles in public schools. Designed for children in grades Pre-K to 2, Tech Time brings engineering and robotics essentials to the classroom. Children will attend Tech Time after school during the weeks, where they will first work on school homework with tutors provided by the program before engaging in lessons promoting mathematical reading, science, and reading, as well as interacting with robots and participating in engineering projects.


Schenley Heights Community Children's Center is an early learning center for children ages

6 months - 5 years old. Our approach to teaching and learning is to help children discover the keys to learning as they explore the world. We believe in developing not ony languages and cognitive learning, but also social skills/emotional and executive skills such as indepndence, curiousity, decision-making, cooperation, persistence, creativity and problem-solving.

CCIS is available.


NADIA (Swift) Track Club provides healthy athletic activities for 8 – 18 year olds. NADIA participants travel nationally to compete in various track and field events, including the National Junior Olympics. NADIA runners have received acclaim for athletics as well as academics, and many former athletes have received scholarships due in large part to their participation in NADIA.


The Extended Day/Extended Year Early Childhood Program is sponsored jointly with the School District of Pittsburgh’s Early Childhood/Head Start Program held at Pittsburgh Obama. Through this component, children ages 3-5 are exposed to literacy, science/mathematics, social skills development, and the arts so that they are school ready as they enter kindergarten. Fifty percent of our preschool students enter A-STEP and/or SEP program once they enroll in school, which helps create sustainability.





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We are often in need of those who are willing to volunteer their time and talents.


Please feel free to contact us at 412-621-3341 should you be interested in learning more about becoming our next SHCDP volunteer!

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